Danny Glover speaks – and boy does he

"Where people matter more than things." He has my vote. (Wow – wish he was running for office.)

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Danny Glover at "Occupy Oakland LAST WEEK . . . SHARE
Occupy Oakland was Subject to a Pre-Dawn Military Raid on Sleeping Peaceful Protestors TODAY by Police in Full Riot gear with Flash Grenades and Tear Gas!
All Protestors arrested, All Tents torn down and destroyed.
Ordered by Democratic Governor Ed Brown and Democratic Mayor Quan of Oakland, both are satisfied that the protest is completely extinguished and dare not start up again!
Pre-Dawn Raid HERE! > https://plus.google.com/103533326117556337218/posts/8a95beSkPLJ
Democratic Party has announced is taking a Hard-line against these malcontents!
Other California Occupy Protestors Warned of the SAME Treatment
Danny Glover Speaks to Occupy Oakland, October 15, 2011

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