Clients and colleagues should appreciate this bit of information if they’re sharing…

Clients and colleagues should appreciate this bit of information if they're sharing content via social media.

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I'm not a social media expert, but I feel like a genius watching some of the mistakes businesses make. It's amazing how few people 'get' Twitter & Facebook.

Businesses, artists, authors, or anyone who has to promote some research!

You want followers? Don't we all.
You can't understand why you don't have them? You're making one of these mistakes.

1. *100% promotion*

Yes, you want people to buy your book, song, or handcrafted jewelry, but if you do nothing but post promotional content people aren't going to follow. Would you sit down and watch a television show that's nothing but commercials? Your Twitter followers don't want to either. All promotion is nothing but noise. You'll be as effective as Charlie Brown's teacher saying, 'Whaaa wha whaaaa."

Mix it up. If you're an author, ask your followers what they think of the name you picked for your new character. Show that there's a human behind the username.

2. Zero Interaction

This is the biggest mistake I see people making in social media. Your account is not a podium used to preach to the masses. If someone asks a question...answer it! You ask for input and someone gives it? Thank them! Show people you appreciate them reading and taking the time to interact with you. Unless you are Justin Bieber with millions of followers, there's no excuse for ignoring your follower base, but even HE talks to people.

3. Auto-Messaging

This is big on Twitter, but there are similar ways of doing this on Facebook. If I follow someone and get a macro message in my inbox trying to sell something? That's an automatic unfollow/defriend. It shows that you see your followers as nothing but a marketing pool. They are, but I liken automated messages to meeting someone in person and, while you're still shaking their hand, shoving your book/music into their face and screaming, "BUY IT!"

Don't do this.

4. Talking about hot button topics on a professional account.

This one makes me shake my head. Yes, you should be able to have personal opinions about the upcoming election, immigration, or which way to hang the toilet paper roll, but keep it off your professional accounts. If your professional account IS your personal account, it may be best to bite your tongue.

Why? Don't I believe in freedom of speech? Of course I do, but not all of your followers are going to have the same opinions. If you rant about how idiotic you think anyone who voted for Obama is? Guess what, that's a lot of people and at least some of your followers.

I saw one person on Twitter do this and, when he lost followers, announced he didn't want anyone who voted that way to buy his music.


Tweet/Post/Share smart. Come up with original content and not a joke ripped off of someEcard. Original content is what separates the great accounts from the mediocre. Figure out how often you can post and come out with a game plan. 15% Promotion, 35% Original Content, 50% Interaction? 20%-60%-20%?

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  1. The last one is amazing! Money's money and if you reject a customer's money based on their personal opinions… well, congrats to the people who can afford to do that, but I sure can't!

  2. I can appreciate that, Elisa – there are times when I can and times when I have to suck it up because, like you said "Money's money" and we all need to survive! I definitely stay away from hot button topics or from anything overly negative online.

    You know who does #4 very well? The band "Cake". They share their political opinions and don't care if they irritate more conservative fans.

  3. I'm guilty of #4. Well… this is not a professional account but I do notice when I post a political rant, I lose some followers. Sometimes I gain followers but still, it is risky.


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