Inspired by the article Lizzy shared (below), let's have fun and make some great last tweets*: What will yours be? What about a celebrity's last tweet?

An epic (but death-expected) tweet of mine could be:
"OMG, this bacon-encrusted ham and cheese donut sammich is so delicious!**"

* Or G+ or Facebook posts.
** No, I have not had this concoction, but I would surely die a happy woman.

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Interesting article. i just hope my last cyber words do not include the words Jersey Shore

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Famous Last Tweets: Andrew Breitbart and Death in the Twitter Era – Lifestyle – GOOD
When we die, our social networks live on. Sometimes that's tragic, but it can be heartening, too.

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  1. I feel so guilty. I met my online friend +Kari W. last night. Let's just say things didn't go as planned. Now where did I leave the vodka and vicodin and blood pressure meds?


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