Layering a Flash animation below a div element

This article impressed me enough to share it. If you are creating a website with a css drop-down menu that happens to rest directly north of a placed swf animation, you will find Internet Explorer ignores any z-index settings you may have placed. (Layering the Flash animation below the drop downs.) Much to your dismay, your drop down menus will go below the flash no matter what your z-index settings are!

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Centering a horizontal unordered or ordered list menu

This article does a great job at showing how to center a horizontal menu. Unfortunately, drop down menus off of that centered list need to be tweaked, as they don’t appear where you would expect them to. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll be … Read more

WordPress 101

Discover the value and benefit of using WordPress to create your website. In this class, you will follow along with an example site as it’s being built. Handouts will be given as a guide for your future reference.

This class is a “build from the ground” – no experience necessary, class. I’ll be discussing concepts and giving out step-by-step instructions so you can feel confident you can do it on your own!

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How to create a client portal in WordPress

Update 3/28/2017: My client continues to use this setup and is very happy with it. We’ve set his default page to be protected because he adds more protected pages than unprotected, front-end pages. Just making a note here that the plugins and the programming continue to work well.

Thanks sent out to Debbie for suggesting and bringing to my attention the S2Member plugin. If that plugin existed when I wrote this article, I would have used it, rather than look to assemble a whole host of plugins and work within the code of the pages.

I have loaded it on a client site and they love using it for their “members only” area.

Update 1/9/2014: S2Member is a very powerful plugin. I can see using that to handle a lot of the client portal set-up I’ve listed below. Still… it doesn’t give each client their own area, so I could see using this plugin with the addition of the specific client pages. I think I will plan some time to explore this further and will create a new post with clear instructions. Once that page is created, I’ll link from this page.

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Additional WordPress Usage

Well it looks like others have thought of the same solution that I have: to use WordPress, which is primarily “blogging” software for use on websites that don’t look like blogs. It has changed the way I work with my clients. I can set a client up with a WordPress site, and they’re able to make edits to their site, and even page additions and deletions.

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I’m just now looking into an eCommerce solution through WordPress. It looks like it may not be as difficult as it looks. You’ll see my site will have products that I’ll be “selling”. This is only for testing purposes. I will not be selling any products, but am testing out … Read more

Firefox vs Safari (on Mac)

Well after pulling my hair out, I have determined that it is better to write and edit WordPress posts in Firefox rather than Safari. It appears as though the return key does not register in Safari, which causes all my intended paragraphs to be clumped into one big, ugly, hard-to-read … Read more

Can I post a blog for the future?

If I can figure out how to change the date of the blog posts, I can utilize the calendar for appointments and special events. This could prove to be helpful. This will allow clients of mine to use this software for scheduling workshops and sharing it with their clients. Otherwise, it’s ineffective. We’ll see. Ooo… looks like I can. I like it.

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