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Do you consider yourself a basic WP user and are you currently using the TwentyEleven theme? Do you wish you had a sidebar on every page and post?

Good news - you're getting a lot more design control. First, there is a visual editor built into the new WP version (3.4.1) and second, if you're like me and you like sidebars to be omnipresent - simply load this plugin and set the options to show the sidebars on all pages and posts.


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Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions

Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions is an easy-to-use plugin designed for use with the latest default WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven. It adds a set of customizable features for the theme, designed to add m...

Forum permissions on bbpress

This is an advanced and pretty specific need, but good to have in your toolkit.

On bbpress 2, if you set a forum from "Public" to "Hidden" or "Private", then back again to "Public" there is a bug that will hide the all the public forum posts from general users! Here's a great solution (posted by mjpg): Install the WordPress plugin "User Role Editor" and set the extra capabilities of the user role right there. SOLVED!

Thank you for sharing mjpg!

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Forum Participant role cannot view private forum

WordPress Custom Fields

We all see it... that Custom Fields area hanging down below the editing pane for each page - but have you used them?

Custom fields are very helpful when you're looking to create dynamic data (especially helpful per page/post) that you want pulled into your theme. I'm currently using it to color the background and header image for a site in development.

This is easy stuff for developers, not as easy for non-techies, but not impossible!

Here's an overview of the steps to use Custom Fields: Within the WP page or post interface, establish a value (the variable) and create a key for it. Then, within your theme's .php file(s) you call the key and echo it to have it show in your code. It's just that simple! (See attached page for syntax.)

Something of note that wasn't mentioned is: I didn't have good luck using it with a key that I named with a dash (-) in it. I will test this further, but it's made me gun shy to use special characters, spaces or capitals. Also, it makes using them as variables even easier.

#wordpress #programming #customized

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Learn how to use WordPress Custom Fields | Kriesi.at - WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

Learn how to use WordPress Custom Fields, to create complex WordPress Themes.

Is your website sluggish? Here’s how you can help make it faster.

I’ve been contemplating what makes a great monthly tip – and consider some people are using WordPress.com for their website (and are unable to take advantage of any recommended plugins), I thought I’d make this month’s tip a more general tip that anyone with a website can take advantage of! Woo hoo! (Feel free to share this tip if you think others may benefit.)

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Fonts. Who needs ’em?

You do!

Come a little closer, I promise not to bite. I’m going to let you in on a really big secret.

If you haven’t noticed – the hot trend for website design has been using unique fonts for a sometimes stunning effect.

Traditional graphic designers have been rejoicing breaking away from the standard boring set of web fonts and SEO experts have simultaneously been rejoicing the breaking away from the use of Flash (swf) or pixelated images to show stylized text.

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Your complete site backup

Would you like to have the peace of mind to know your whole website is backed up?

It’s very easy to “set it and forget it”. Take a few moments to ensure your site is backed up and have the security to know you’re covered, should anything happen.*

The “too long; didn’t read” version

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Would you like to exclude some pages from your site navigation?

Do you have a page that you don’t want to appear in the main navigation of your site? Often my clients will have email campaigns that they want to direct clients to a specific page of their site without having it appear in the navigation of the site. Or perhaps you have a “Thank you for subscribing to my Newsletter” page – which is also not necessary to show in the navigation.

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Discover how easy it is to create your very own globally recognized avatar!

A colleague question has inspired this week’s tip:

Mystery ManHow does a client select an avatar on WordPress, and get rid of that Mystery Man default?

Have you noticed some people have images associated with their blog and site comments? Not only are their comments more likely to be considered real and less likely to be spam, they’re more likely to be read and responded to, as well.

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