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I wrote this to a friend, but thought I should post it for other friends as well.

This is so hard for me to say, but our cat, Snowy died this morning just after 3 am.

We found her in the back yard close to the shed, lying on the ground. Her pupils were dilated, and her hind quarters were cold. Her front paws were getting cold. She was still breathing, but barely. As we spoke, she responded by moving her front paws a bit.
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Another Prema Medation

I must admit, I’ve not been very good at writing down my experiences, but when I do, I’m glad to be able to remember them for a longer period of time, and much more vividly than if I do not write anything down.

In a previous meditation, Norm had asked us to go to the center of source and experience it. What I experienced was a very white ball of light energy, but not so bright that I couldn’t make out the structure of it. It had many long “fingers” going out to lesser light energies, of many different colors. I understood those lights to be us humans.
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Einstein Thoughts

I have been learning more about Einstein and will share thoughts that I find to be profound. (Mostly so I don’t forget them!) I hope that you enjoy them as much as I am. It is amazing the difference one person can make to this world.

If anyone understood the propagation of sound waves, it was Einstein. When asked the question “What is the speed of sound?” from the “Edison test”. Einstein admitted that he “did not carry such information in my mind, since it is readily available in books“.
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Prema Meditation

Last Friday I went to a Prema Meditation class and it was so interesting, I have to share it. The class is small (7 people total) ~ The teacher (Norman), the ‘student teacher’, another experienced Prema Meditation person, and 3 other students besides myself.

I was having difficulty getting into a state of meditation, but Norman was helping us all by guiding us through it. He mentioned for us to put ourselves in a special place of comfort.
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