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Day 3 learning jQuery & I’m LOVING it

Wow, you can really control the HTML page with this. Looks like this will be great for working with child themes in WordPress. NICE.

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Tuts+ Premium Course: 30 Days to Learn jQuery
You know you need to learn jQuery. Everyone else has, and you're falling behind! No worries; it's a brand new year, and what better way to celebrate it than by learning a new skill? Give me th…
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Commercial for the moment: Because clients and colleagues may find this useful

If you are a customer of, they're offering a 20% off discount for credits purchased today! Just use the coupon code LEAP20 when purchasing credits. (This does not mean you have to buy images today.)

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iStock Photo: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage | iStock
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Does anyone use Gmail and have your messages from your “Sent Mail” marked…

Does anyone use Gmail and have your messages from your "Sent Mail" marked as "To: me"?

This is not helpful to have all my sent messages marked as "To: me". When I'm looking to find a message I sent to "Mike" or "Joe", everything is marked as "To: me" & makes a quick glance down the sent mail difficult, making a search for that person's name required.

Does anyone know if there's a setting that would allow me to see the name of the person who was sent to last on a message instead of just "To: me"?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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This is important SEO information and worthy of sharing with clients and colleagues…

This is important SEO information and worthy of sharing with clients and colleagues not already using Google+ (or not active on Google+). Take note: The information below is more powerful than any SEO you can do for your site.

I've certainly found a jump in my site visitors since beginning with Google+. (My hits doubled from about 30k to 60k.)

I would recommend any client or colleague to actively use Google plus if you want more visitors to your unique (and hopefully ever-updating) site content.

Good luck, everyone!

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Google+: Destroying SEO and Why That’s a Good Thing

Now anyone who knows a little about SEO, knows the importance of keywords, Meta tags, inbound links, and AdWord campaigns. You may know to notify Google about crawling new sites/landing pages you produce or you may constantly worry about your current page rank on the top search sites. You may have call-to-actions embedded in YouTube videos and your CPC campaigns may be an overwhelming success. But what if all that went away? What if content could stand alone? What if the only promotion you ever needed was great content? Insert Google+.

Now any SEO professional worth his/her salt knows how essential it is to include trending keywords relating to their content in the body of a blog or a landing page. This won’t go away, but after adding these keywords, finishing your blog, and formatting, we all know your job isn’t done. Several steps now need to take place in order to promote the existence of your blog/landing page and the current content on it.

So how does Google+ remove all the added legwork? Answer: Immediate indexing. What used to take forever to move up the search channel, get crawled, and produced as relevant search results, is now instantly produced within Google+ relating to your public posts.

For a while, I couldn’t seem to figure out how individuals were finding my content on Google+ when they a) didn’t follow me, and b) the content wasn’t shared on alternative profiles. The difference was Google+’s search feature (which I highlighted the difference from Facebook in a previous post: Because Google+’s search feature immediately indexes any word in the body of your shared comment, #hashtags, etc., are no longer necessary. And thanks to the fact that Google+ has yet to allow promoted posts (thank god – you suck Twitter), the playing field remains level, and content remains king – for now :-/.

The important part to recognize, is that this indexing really has more of an impact in the “share what’s new…” box – where your comments are published. This is where your keywords should live and breathe. With this in mind, promoting engaging/exciting content should be successful – regardless of your follower base. Now all the added legwork, cost, and headaches over page position on search sites could go away regarding this new approach. We could argue, a more overwhelming concern will now grow in the minds of content creators: creating cool content – a good problem for consumers.

The future of this platform and methodology is beginning to grow as well. Starting with Google’s new “Search, plus Your World” feature. Now endorsed content on Google+, via Shares, +1’s, and comments have a home on Google’s flagship product Google Search. This change in search criteria will revolutionize the way content is seen. Now companies with endless revenue streams utilized to monopolize CPC can fall back down to Earth, giving rise to where the battle should have always been fought: over cool content and its viewers.

Small businesses should rejoice and corporations should rethink online strategy, as the real winner is finally the customer. Now your social endorsements – +1’s, Shares, and Comments – can do what they were always meant to do: help customers make better decisions. So wake up. SEO’s dead. And a new digital age is rising.

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My colleague and friend, +Kristen Havens appeared on Voice America – Stars of PR…

My colleague and friend, +Kristen Havens appeared on Voice America – Stars of PR with Cindy R. this week. If you'd like to listen to her & get some immediate advice, check it out! (And if you want a full roadmap – buy her book. She makes it very simple and breaks everything down very well.)

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