Car Sharing

I wrote this to a friend, and thought it would be worth posting:

As usual, it looks like Austin is ahead of the country with offering this:

Great concept! I wonder how it’s working? My sis had mentioned a private car share between neighbors (of a planned community). I thought it was a great idea, because car expenses shared make it easier on everyone involved! Taxes, insurance, and gas… I wonder how that works out now, return it as you got it? That would be a lot of trips to the gas station if everyone had to continually top it off. Also, I wonder how insurance would be handled with so many drivers?

It would be neat to start a non-profit like this here in CT.
(None on this list are from CT: )

Gah! I’ve stayed up all night working (I finished my project!), and now I’m looking at the fun car conversion stuff online. I’m so tired. I guess I ought to get some sleep now.

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