Car conversion stuffs started!

Holy cow. I can’t believe I’m finally starting in on this. I feel like I’ve read about it and talked about it for so long, that I’m all read and talked out. Time to do!

Today I went and set up the engine lift at the garage space a friend has so graciously offered up.

It looks like I need to attend to the hydraulic fluid, as it didn’t pump up as it should have. (It’s new, but has instructions on what to do if it doesn’t work. Grr. That’s Harbor Freight for you, from what I understand.) I’ll need to buy hydraulic fluid before my next trip to the garage. All good. More stuff to learn. So, aside from that, it went together very well and only took me just over 2 hours.

Next step will be to turn the car around in the garage so it’s facing out and take the hood off – so the engine can be lifted out. I will be taking pics along the way, which will make this infinitely more interesting, but I’m having difficulty with the digital camera my dad had given to me. It seems to eat through batteries! I’ll think of something!

Update: The hydraulic fluid was not necessary – I just needed to twist the shaft of the lift to break the seal raise it fully, then lower it – it works like a charm now!

This Wed/Thursday, I plan on taking the hood off. It’s a 2 person job, so I’ve scheduled it on a day that my hubby can help me with it. Fun! After that, I have the fun of taking out the engine, and the exhaust system.

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