Can I post a blog for the future?

If I can figure out how to change the date of the blog posts, I can utilize the calendar for appointments and special events. This could prove to be helpful. This will allow clients of mine to use this software for scheduling workshops and sharing it with their clients. Otherwise, it’s ineffective. We’ll see. Ooo… looks like I can. I like it.

Damn. It doesn’t show up in the calendar until that day and time has passed. I guess this is to allow a blogger to post for a specific release time, which can be helpful, but it would be more helpful for me and my clients if it showed up!!! What particularly makes it annoying is that it said “publish”. You would think that would mean “I want this to show”. Oh well. I guess not.

I wonder if I can tweak the code to allow a post from the future to appear? I’ll keep you posted.

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