Bump for the almost-afternoon crowd

2:30 AM wasn't the most optimal time to release the following post. I am still interested in following your individual and small business G+ business pages.

I know there are more than just a dozen entrepreneurs who have G+ business pages. Please share them & I'll share a circle when it becomes a little larger than 12. I appreciate supporting fellow small businesses.

Reshared post from +Jean Egan

Entrepreneurs – please share your G+ business pages!

Recently, +Rob Gordon shared a lot of entrepreneur circles which I'm honored to have been in one of them.

+Rae Ouzts shared her G+ business page +Rae's Consulting tonight and it got me thinking – it would be great to support each other by sharing our business pages with one another.

My business page: +WebLight Media

Please share your G+ business page in the comments below if you have one so we may support each other – even if it's as simple as a "follow".

That way, I get to know more about your business and you get to know more about mine.

I'd notify people but the circle I created from Rob's shares became quite large… 994 people! (I didn't know they could get that big, hah! Did Google raise the maximum from 500?)

Updated to add: I'll follow you from both my personal page as well as my business page. Also, I'll create a circle of everyone's business page and will share it.

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9 thoughts on “Bump for the almost-afternoon crowd”

  1. A pleasure! I love what you have done in your "About" section, +Trey Collier. Good to show people everything you can do right there!

    +Tim Berkesch – you might want to add some "about" information on your page. It was hard to immediately tell what your business does. (I hope you don't mind the constructive criticism. I'm hoping to help!)

    Added! I'll let you both know when I share the circle. Best wishes & nice to meet you and your businesses more today.


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