Big Project Launched!

After a month and a half  (or is it 2 months?) of design and CSS work, a site that I have been helping with has finally been launched! It's a monstrous site – with lots of functionalities and I'm very thankful I was not in lead position with this Drupal site.

The client is happy – and eager to continue maintenance work to continue updating the site, so it will be a nice continuing project that I'm very happy to help with.

This is part of the Connecticut News Project and they're located in the NPR building in Hartford, so it has been really great to help with a production that I believe in.

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The Connecticut Mirror | To inform and engage one Connecticut
Washington — Speaking at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee Thursday, former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman said that there had been several opportunities to stop the bombings at the Boston Marathon. “It would have been hard to stop this one, but it would have been possible,” …

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  1. Good question, Denise! Their site was created in 2010 in Drupal and their database is absolutely HUGE (I recall hearing 250MB – and that's just text, woah!) Also, the structure (flow) of news stories is pretty complex. Although I'm a WordPress gal, through and through, my head hurts to try and imagine creating this site in WP.

    Edited to add: There's a lot of "behind the scenes" functionalities that don't show much to the public, like pulling their news stories for the week into a formatted MailChimp newsletter. It's a pretty involved site.


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