Another Prema Medation

I must admit, I’ve not been very good at writing down my experiences, but when I do, I’m glad to be able to remember them for a longer period of time, and much more vividly than if I do not write anything down.

In a previous meditation, Norm had asked us to go to the center of source and experience it. What I experienced was a very white ball of light energy, but not so bright that I couldn’t make out the structure of it. It had many long “fingers” going out to lesser light energies, of many different colors. I understood those lights to be us humans.

While in source, I could see the giving of energy down these fingers into the less bright lights and each growing and giving back energy to the source, and in turn, growing lighter and larger. It was like breathing.

The meditation this evening, I viewed the same scene but from my human perspective. I recalled from the last experience that we are not static, but ever-moving. I had the sensation of a lifetime elapsing in just a few seconds – but with all of our moving, I noticed that each connection to source was not like a marionette’s strings getting all tangled up, but each one gracefully passed through each others. A small part of my light connection rubbed off on many others, and many others have rubbed off on mine.

It felt like a beautiful dance.

I’m not one for dancing, but absolutely appreciated experiencing this meditative dance.

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