All of a sudden, TextWrangler was giving errors on multi-file search

You would think that setting:
"file name extension" "is not" ".gif" (.jpg or .png)
would have worked - but nope, it didn't! Frustrating!

By instead saying:
"file name" "does not end with" ".gif" (etc)
DID work.

Very odd, but glad to get rid of these search errors that made it difficult to find relevant results!

Does anyone own BBEdit? If so, what features really set it apart from TextWrangler?

I used to own BBedit, but I loaned the disk to a colleague and never got it back. I've been using TextWrangler ever since, but am curious what I'm missing. I'm thinking of taking the leap again because I do love to support the hard work of developers who make my job easier.

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Multi-File Search Options for Text Wrangler User Manual
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7 thoughts on “All of a sudden, TextWrangler was giving errors on multi-file search”

  1. Hmm, could it be the dot that is interfering, since it is not technically part of the extension?

    Extension != "gif"

    instead of

    Extension != ".gif"

    I have no experience with this Text Wrangler product, just taking a wild guess at a possible solution.

  2. Ah well. Sometimes I overlook little things like that and then sit there for hours wondering what went wrong! 🙂 Though it makes me more curious what the problem is, if that is not the case.

  3. The screenshots in the documentation you linked to have it shown as 'ends with' rather than using a file extension, which is interesting as well. Perhaps the value checked for the extension is the full name of the extension type ("GIF Image", or whatever it is set to on your system), or even a mime type ("image/gif")?

  4. Interesting – idea – yea, it was above my capacity to figure out, so I went with what I saw on that page that did work so I wouldn't get myself hung up on it for too long – but it would be good to know the logic behind it!


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