A very profound short video

Before watching it, I thought it would make me feel depressed, but it didn't have that affect on me at all. It's prompted me to understand that we as a world community are working on our living records, right here online, and I don't know if that's such a bad thing.* We're referencing, growing and learning.

Thank you for mentioning this in another comment, +William Hsu.

* Well, aside from Skynet taking over. NOOooooo! hehe!

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  1. If we're building this record of our lives as humans, and the (internet) machine is using us and it is us, I'd say it goes back to the question: "Why are we here?" What is our roll? …but maybe I think too much about that.

    Are we here to post and view kitty photos and videos? Is the huge internet porn industry a reflection of you or me individually? It certainly speaks of us as a whole.

    We are of the earth and are comprised of 70% water, the earth's surface is covered by 70% water – I'm curious what the "water" of the internet is 🙂 Is it seeking knowledge? Entertainment?

    (I bet it's cats…)


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