A Gaping Need: Electric Conversions

Here’s a somewhat long-winded explanation of why I am interested in doing electric car conversions. (At some point, this page will contain steps I’ve taken with my conversions!) Enjoy!

I had a “stock photography site” idea around 2003. The place I was working for had a photographer that would take extra photos that had nothing to do with what we needed while on shoot for a client. They were real good, and I thought it would be great to take advantage of these shots and start an independent stock photography site that was affordable. Not like the giants of the day: Getty Images. $200 or more for a photograph? Wow, I can’t afford that. We used PhotoDisc royalty free stock photo CDs (from $100-$300 ea.) most of the time, but it would be nice to have an alternative. And a good one at that! A gaping hole. This is where my ideas come from.

We’d just create the site for clients, you know? And maybe it would take off.

Specifically powerful, I figured if it were possible to gather up the search terms of what the people were looking for, we’d be able to build a better stock photography library. [I now know that is EXTREMELY easy to do!]

My boss at the time thought it was more trouble that it was worth and we didn’t do it. iStockPhoto came out around 2000 and was relatively unknown for a while – (nobody I knew had found out about it until probably 2005 or 2006).

But, it was last year, 2007 (I think), that Getty bought them. So they must have definitely been doing very well for themselves. Honestly, I am surprised to see it still in business in the same general form that they were in. I figured that Getty would act like the big oil companies and keep raising the rates of the photos until it was around the price of their royalty free photography. Thankfully, they haven’t.

I’m now trying to talk with Jim about submitting his photography to some of these stock photography sites. (Please help me convince him! He’s awesome! Here’s a link to Jim’s site.) Some stock photo sites offer 60

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