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WordPress Anti-spam Tip

When I set up sites for my clients I have my "bible" of plugins I will always install. The 3 free anti-spam plugins I tend to always install are:

Cookies for Comments
Places a cookie – checks for the cookie when a comment is placed – if it doesn't have the cookie, the comment is marked as spam.

Bad Behavior
Blocks known spammers from delivering their junk to your site.

FV Antispam
Moves "machine-written" spam to the comment trash. You can use Akismet to help filter "human-submitted" spam.


Note: Bad Behavior wasn't playing well with PayPal's IPN so I deactivated it on sites that had a store. Now, I understand that you can "whitelist" PayPal within Bad Behavior but I'm not sure if my clients have much trouble with spam just using Cookies for comments and FV Antispam.


If your site is already overrun with spam, here's a quick ways to deal with it more quickly (One client had 5k+ pages of spam. Yikes!):

Block Top Spammers (OLD plugin, but still effective.)
Mark a few pages of spammy comments that are waiting for moderation as spam, and then go to the Block Top Spammers page to see what other spam that particular IP has submitted. An IP can submit up to 30 or so individual comments & this allows you to delete them all in one swoop:

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Hope this is helpful!

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Cookies for Comments
Sets a cookie on a random URL that is then checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam. This plugin will

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This is an interesting talk about site (blog) comments

He talks about the types of comments you may see on your site – and different kinds of site owners. I'm about halfway through this and thought it was worth a share because it has changed the way I think about comments and what kinds of comments I get on my sites – and what kinds of comments my clients are looking for.

It's tough to be "king" in this world of Facebook, Twitter and G+ – where communities are already set up. (watch the video – you'll understand what I'm getting at.) Your site has to be pretty compelling to build your own community on your site, so if you're not a king (or queen) you may want to find a way to bring commenting to your site through FB/Tw/G+, where your "fans" may already be interfacing with you.

I've found the Google+Blog WordPress plugin I use for my site does this very well for me. Many of my clients have a hard time integrating their site with their social media presence and find they have to double their efforts to add energy to both & the give up because it takes too much energy. The WP plugins that exist to tie your social media commenting with your site commenting make it easier for you to get out the word that your site has good content that people care about – because comments are testimonials for your site & help amplify your message that others have found it helpful or entertaining.


OK – I'm off to watch the rest of this talk. I'm glad I found this!

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Matt Browne: Comments Are King — Make Sure You Rule Over The Right Platform

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WordPress Tip

Would you like to see the impact your currently loaded plugins have on your WordPress site? Load the P3 plugin (from GoDaddy) and it will tell you how long your site pages take to load and what the overall plugin impact is.

It's good to see which plugins are the heavyweights on your site and how many mySQL queries there are so you can look to improve your site performance.

Give it a look! (You don't have to be hosted with GoDaddy to load and use their plugins.)

Thanks for sharing, +Pamela Miller!

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It's been a long time since I've sent a WordPress Tip out. I've been in the wonderful world of Drupal [cough] and am now fully re-entering into the world of my favorite CMS again. Gawd, it feels good to be back home!

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P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
See which plugins are slowing down your site. This plugin creates a performance report for your site.

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WordPress Tip

Are you creating a site but don't have the content for it yet? Do you also want to hide your development behind the scenes without worry of the public seeing what you're up to?

Do you want to be able to visit your real home page when you're logged in as an administrator and not have to see the "coming soon" page? Do you want to have a fancy count-down to when your site goes live? Do you want it to continue to be useful and use it during maintenance upgrades to your site?

Well, this is the plugin for you!

(I liked it so much, I went Pro and bought the developer license.)

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Ultimate Coming Soon Page
Creates a Coming Soon page or Launch page for your Website while it’s under construction and collects emails from your visitors.

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