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Another nice CSS resource for creating shapes

Love it! Especially love the triangle top left/right and triangle bottom left/right and the magnifying glass, though I'd make the handle a little longer/more interesting.

I wonder when I'll be able to animate these shapes?

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The Shapes of CSS
The Shapes of CSS. All of the below use only a single HTML element. Any kind of CSS goes, as long as it’s supported in at least one browser. Square. Rectangle. Circle. Oval. Triangle Up. Triangle Down. Triangle Left. Triangle Right. Triangle Top Left. Triangle Top Right. Triangle Bottom Left …

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When your theme is already making 5 or so image sizes for it's own use, you may…

When your theme is already making 5 or so image sizes for it's own use, you may as well look to limit the sizes that are created that are not being used. By setting the sizes to "0", it prevents from bloating your uploads folder (even more.)

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How to Prevent WordPress from Generating Image Sizes
WordPress automatically generates several copies of each image you upload. Learn how to prevent WordPress from generating too many image sizes.

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Here's another site that offers beautiful and responsive HTML5 templates

(A bit more style than the boilerplate link I shared earlier today.)

They have many different templates you can start from and make it easier for you if you're not a designer, or don't want to design practically everything.

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HTML5 UP! Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates
Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates designed by @n33co.

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