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CSS: How to hide text

…when you just want to show an image (but you can't or shouldn't delete the text). I use this when I want to use a button image and not show the text at all when using an "a href" link.

I've used that -9999px hack before. The following one seems less extreme.

text-indent: 100%;
white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;


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Replacing the -9999px hack (new image replacement) – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
The Daily Report’s 2003 redesign uses (and our book explained) an image replacement technique intended to combine the benefits of accessibility with the power of graphic design. We christened this method Fahrner Image Replacement (FIR) in honor of Todd Fahrner, who first suggested it to us.

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Want to watch YouTube videos FASTER?

Like watching videos but don't want to waste as much time? Follow these instructions and you can!

I've been watching a series of instructional videos and the person is a bit slow to go over what I'm looking for, so playing them at 2x the speed is very helpful!

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How to Watch Youtube Videos Faster (2x speed) – Apologetics 315
If you are an avid watcher of lectures, teachings, and debates, then you know how time-consuming it is to watch them. At least when you listen to audio you can speed it up in your iPod or audio player. Maybe you avoid watching videos (especially on Youtube) because they just take too long to …

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Another great way to develop your new theme in the background without going live…

Another great way to develop your new theme in the background without going live with it. Thanks, +WP JEDI!

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How to Test Drive WordPress Themes as Admin: 3 Plugins | WordPress Jedi
We all have to update our themes or adopt new ones once in a while. If you are going with a completely different design, you don’t want to go live too fast. In

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Website Grid Calculator

Would you like to build your site using a grid and want a quick way to see if your calculations will add up?

This grid calculator lets you input the width of your site, how many columns, your gutter and margin width and it will let you know if you get your exact max width by coloring the numbers green. (They're red when they don't quite make it to what you're looking for.)

This is helpful if you're looking to fit specific elements together on the page to see if they'll play nicely together using the grid you're building.

I'm using it with bootstrap, but any grid system can benefit from this calculator.

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Grid Calculator by Nicolaj Kirkgaard Nielsen
A simple tool for web and print designers to calculate your grids. Download your grid as illustrator or photoshop files with a pre-made guides ready to go

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Have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to look to apply a style sheet to…

Have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to look to apply a style sheet to certain divs and not others?

As always, CSS-Tricks comes to the rescue! This page allows you to test your equations.

Thanks CSS-Tricks!

(Hope you all have better things to do on your Friday night, though!)


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:nth Tester
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– . . . . More Demos → · via Ad Packs. :nth Tester. li, div. :nth-child, :nth-of-type, :nth-last-child, :nth-last-of-type. ( ). Recipes. Select the third item if it’s a list item; Select the the first four elements if they are list items; Select the second to …

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WordPress Anti-spam Tip

When I set up sites for my clients I have my "bible" of plugins I will always install. The 3 free anti-spam plugins I tend to always install are:

Cookies for Comments
Places a cookie – checks for the cookie when a comment is placed – if it doesn't have the cookie, the comment is marked as spam.

Bad Behavior
Blocks known spammers from delivering their junk to your site.

FV Antispam
Moves "machine-written" spam to the comment trash. You can use Akismet to help filter "human-submitted" spam.


Note: Bad Behavior wasn't playing well with PayPal's IPN so I deactivated it on sites that had a store. Now, I understand that you can "whitelist" PayPal within Bad Behavior but I'm not sure if my clients have much trouble with spam just using Cookies for comments and FV Antispam.


If your site is already overrun with spam, here's a quick ways to deal with it more quickly (One client had 5k+ pages of spam. Yikes!):

Block Top Spammers (OLD plugin, but still effective.)
Mark a few pages of spammy comments that are waiting for moderation as spam, and then go to the Block Top Spammers page to see what other spam that particular IP has submitted. An IP can submit up to 30 or so individual comments & this allows you to delete them all in one swoop:

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Hope this is helpful!

You've received notification of this post because you are in my "WordPress Tips" circle. If you would like to be removed – please just let me know. I am looking to be helpful, not annoying ;)

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Cookies for Comments
Sets a cookie on a random URL that is then checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam. This plugin will

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