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These instructions were so helpful when working with a device that didn’t have…

These instructions were so helpful when working with a device that didn't have a reliable DVD drive. I'm making a note of this page so I have it for future reference/use.

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DVD-less Snow Leopard installation on older Mac
Reader Steven Harris is trying to do the right thing by his family, but technical barriers prevent it. He writes: Over the holidays I took your advice to give the gift of tech support by offering my services to my sister. She has an older MacBook Pro running Leopard and wants to upgrade to Snow Leopard (she needs Rosetta to run older PowerPC software). Three problems: Her DVD drive is broken, I have a MacBook Air without a DVD drive, and I have …

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I like the new “Made in Britain” logo

I especially like that it points to the word "Britain" and has a modern feel to it. It's instantly understandable that an object bearing this is made in Britain. Nice job!

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Redesigned Logo For ‘Made In Britain’ Campaign To Promote British Goods – DesignTAXI.com

Back in 2011, UK-based cooking brand Stoves held a design competition to create a “Made in Britain” logo—according to a poll, such a logo…

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This sounds just about right!

Please, if you're a business and your website is Flash-based, you may want to reconsider what your audience wants, and not just what you want. One of my favorite restaurants still has a slow-loading Flash-based site, which makes quickly finding their daily special a real task.

Instead, look to get information to your visitors quickly, efficiently and with style.

(Thanks for sharing, +John Calderas!)

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RSS Feeds

Of all the thousands of people I'm connected to, I only know of two people who actually use RSS feeds. (+Panah Rad and +Sallie Alys Montuori)

Are there more people out there who use RSS feeds? Do you use a browser to keep track of your RSS feeds? If not, what software do you use now?

If you do a Google search for "Is RSS" you'll find I'm not the only one asking this question. It seems like this technology is getting left behind.

I see Firefox is the only Mac browser that currently supports viewing an RSS feed page and saving them as "Live Bookmarks". Chrome just shows the raw file and oddly enough, my Safari opens up an email program. What is the consensus on the PC browsers?

Anyway, I'll be watching this site for RSS traffic, but in the past my client's sites have never received any RSS traffic except me, testing the link.

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I want to thank +WP JEDI and +Panah Rad very much for offering this randomly drawn…

I want to thank +WP JEDI and +Panah Rad very much for offering this randomly drawn contest of which I was a winner, and the day before my birthday! Thanks for the birthday gift – I will put it to good use!

If you're looking for a WordPress plugin for a job board, take a look at this. In a bit I'll be able to give my personal review.

Thanks for this opportunity!

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WPJobBoard: Powerful Job Board WordPress Plugin (Winners Announced) | WordPress Jedi
In the past few months, we have covered many innovative job board themes and plugins on this website. You don’t always need to make major changes to your

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Free Instruction

Are you a WordPress theme author and would like some instruction on how to prepare your themes for ThemeForest?

Here's an interesting and free video course they've prepared on Tuts+. Enjoy!

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Preparing WordPress Themes For ThemeForest | Tuts+ Premium
You’ve just completed work on an amazing WordPress theme to sell on ThemeForest, now what? For starters, have you considered the business side of selling themes? Success on ThemeForest goes way beyond building a great theme and heavily depends on other factors, such as theme promotion and …

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