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#css   #backgroundimages   Embedded Link Stacking Order of Multiple Backgrounds | CSS-Tricks Multiple background images is a cool feature of CSS3. The syntax is easy, you just comma separate them. I find it’s easiest/best to use the background shor Google+: View post on Google+

Good tips to revive your WordPress website

Do you have a website built with WordPress? Here are some nice recommendations on how to breathe life into it again. #wordpress   #maintenance   #testing   #updates   #recommended   Embedded Link CPR For Your WordPress Site Putting up a WordPress site is almost a rite of passage for … Read more


This article has good information on image format choices for use in email. I'm honestly surprised that animated gif is even in the mix! #email   #design   #format   Embedded Link PNG, GIF, or JPEG? Which is the Best Image Format for Email? | Litmus February 26, 2014. PNG, … Read more


"jr2017_loaded" is the answer to my question tonight. By setting the action to hook after wp is loaded, my additional sidebar will be listed after the parent theme sidebars. (in the back end) Very nice. Thanks John P Bloch! #wordpress   #developer   #development   #widgets   #sidebar   Embedded … Read more

Want to learn about designing and developing for WordPress?

Here are several resources at your fingertips! #wordpress   #training   #online Embedded Link Design and Develop WordPress: 7 WP Training Programs | WordPress Jedi Knowing how to use plugins and install WordPress is nice. You are going to have an easier time growing your business when you know how … Read more

Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress (Though, I recommend you check out smart layers by AddThis. It is newer than what they share here.) #socialmedia   #plugins   #wordpress   Embedded Link Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress Social media is a crucial component for any online marketing … Read more