Here’s another interesting article from on Gmail’s “Promotions”…

Here's another interesting article from on Gmail's "Promotions" tab. It's going to look more like Pinterest.

Nice idea – and a good opportunity for businesses to get a better first impression from their recipients than just the "from" and "subject" text.

I am looking forward to seeing this in my own inbox, but for now it's in beta testing and I am not a part of that group.

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Gmail Does It Again: The New Promotions Tab | Litmus
March 26, 2014. Gmail Does It Again: The New Promotions Tab. [ 7 By Matt Byrd. Note: This post has been updated to reflect discoveries made about the new grid view after Gmail launched it to an initial wave of users. If one topic dominated email marketing conversations in 2013, it was definitely …

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2 thoughts on “Here’s another interesting article from on Gmail’s “Promotions”…”

  1. Does anyone else have issues with their sending domain not the same as their actual page causing Gmail to completely abandon using images when the Microdata is specified (large, beautiful hero image is used when Microdata is not present)?

  2. Hi Dan, unfortunately, I don't have access to see this new view, but I'm looking forward to seeing it. Hope you can figure it out or get help figuring it out!

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