What types of infographics are there at our disposal? Here, consult this infog…

What types of infographics are there at our disposal? Here, consult this infographic!

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A distressing reflection about the use of infographics. A post made by +Chris Brogan led to the search for this, thanks Chris.

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Infographics: An Infographic
Infographics are kind of annoying. Sure, they pack a lot of information into a few words and figures, but they often leave you wanting more (and it doesn't help that they're impossible not to click on…

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This is worth aspiring to! Wow!

Thanks to +Bonnie Pickartz for sharing this.

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Half Of Germany running on Solar power!!!

When is America going to get its head out of the sand and get with the program? Solar is cheap and feasible now, there is no reason we can't surpass what Germany is doing. Is there any coincidence Germany is one of the only thriving economies on the planet? it's called getting out of the oil economy. Oh yeah, we're too busy worrying about homosexuality and abortion, who's got time for real issues?

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Movie Challenge

I remember when I first saw this list – I thought "Is that all there is to a movie plot?"

Peggy Lee — Is That All There Is? 1969

Do you have anything to add?

All of the movies I know seem to fall under these 10 plots. Different characters, circumstances, perspectives but really – they all fall into these categories!

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