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This is a 16 minute video – quite long by standards but I was compelled to listen…

This is a 16 minute video – quite long by standards but I was compelled to listen to the whole thing. Here's why:

Usually, I shirk from worldly news and happenings because it's awful depressing: War, violence and unhappiness. I withdraw from a world view and look to hold inspiration and positivity within my local view – within what my life actually touches. This choice helps me maintain a positive perspective.

However, this man has helped me – for the first time – broaden my perspective and see the world view in a positive perspective. Thank you!

Now, how can we move past all this horrible taxing? [Sigh.]

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Can you draw a black box on an image? Yes? Three more days to submit your entries…

Can you draw a black box on an image? Yes? Three more days to submit your entries for this very easy Photoshopping contest. Give it a go! You can win $25 Amazon gift card!

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Our latest Photoshop Contest gives you another chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for your clever Photoshop skills!

We're looking for the funniest "censored" photo that didn't actually require censoring! There is no picture so innocent that it can't be made to look absolutely filthy with the addition of one of those black "censored" bars.

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I’ve always enjoyed TED

Now, they're opening up their talks to 10 minute lessons. Love it!

If you are a teacher or animator or know of a teacher or animator who would be interested in sharing these inspiring lessons, check out the video that +Google Students shared below. I'm thinking of volunteering for animation, but am a little intimidated!

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"A permanent initiative, TED-Ed harnesses the talent of the world's best teachers and visualizers, extending great lessons beyond a single classroom to anyone with internet access.

In the first stage of this initiative, TED-Ed launches a new education channel on YouTube today. It offers up original video content that marries the talent of great teachers with top animators to bring concepts like neuroscience to life in in short videos, typically 5 minutes long. The channel is part of the offering – a collection of half a million educational videos – available in many schools as well as to the public online."

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Inspired by the article Lizzy shared (below), let's have fun and make some great last tweets*: What will yours be? What about a celebrity's last tweet?

An epic (but death-expected) tweet of mine could be:
"OMG, this bacon-encrusted ham and cheese donut sammich is so delicious!**"

* Or G+ or Facebook posts.
** No, I have not had this concoction, but I would surely die a happy woman.

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Interesting article. i just hope my last cyber words do not include the words Jersey Shore

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