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For those of us who design and implement email marketing: This is a great article

For those of us who design and implement email marketing: This is a great article.

It's funny – in the article they say "break out your old HTML book circa 2003 and brush up on your tables code" and it's absolutely true! Unfortunately, creating bulletproof email puts us far behind what we can do with our code on websites.

All is not lost, though. It's not like we have to go back to repeating backgrounds ;)


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Creating Bulletproof Email Buttons | Web development blog, news and tutorials – Developer Drive
Regardless of the social media networks that are popular at the time, email marketing will always be the number one way for a company or organization to connect with customers or clients. But, the ave…

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WordPress Tip of the Month

Are you looking for a versatile calendar for your WordPress site? Consider creating a Google Calendar specifically for sharing events on your website and using this Google Calendar Events plugin:

I recommend you create an additional Google calendar within your Google account specifically for your site is to keep control of what calendar events are displayed on your site. (If you share your main Google calendar, it will automatically show event invitations from other people in your G+ circles even if you have declined going to the event.)

To create a new calendar:
Log into your Google account and navigate to your calendar page. Click on the small arrow to the right of the “My Calendars” menu item on the left menu. When the menu flies out, choose “Create new calendar” and follow Google’s steps to create and populate your new calendar from there.


Hello friends! I didn’t share a Tip of the Month for November and December so we all could enjoy the holidays. Hope everyone will a great new year!

Best wishes & have fun!

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Google Calendar Events
Parses Google Calendar feeds and displays the events as a calendar grid or list on a page, post or widget.

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WordPress security information

I don't use this plugin, but want to share this article in case any clients or friends use it. Using the W3 Total Cache plugin could leave your site vulnerable to hacking. Please check your installed plugins to ensure you're not using it (at least until the security issue has been fixed.)

Thank you to +David Joslin for sharing this information.

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WordPress W3 Total Cache Misconfiguration Leaves Some Blogs Vulnerable | threatpost
An apparent misconfiguration vulnerability exists in a popular plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. A flaw in W3 Total Cache (W3TC), framework for WordPress that helps speed up blogs by caching…

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Want to dress up your WordPress driven website for the holidays? Perhaps add some…

Want to dress up your WordPress driven website for the holidays? Perhaps add some snow!

If so, check out this WP Jedi page!

Thanks to +Panah Rad and +WP JEDI for sharing this!

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Christmas Premium Plugins Giveaway: Christmas Card, Fancy Text Widget, and 5sec Snow | WordPress Jedi
Most WordPress webmasters rely on free plugins to enhance their websites. There are plenty of awesome premium plugin developers around too. WebFactory

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