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Inspired by the article Lizzy shared (below), let's have fun and make some great last tweets*: What will yours be? What about a celebrity's last tweet?

An epic (but death-expected) tweet of mine could be:
"OMG, this bacon-encrusted ham and cheese donut sammich is so delicious!**"

* Or G+ or Facebook posts.
** No, I have not had this concoction, but I would surely die a happy woman.

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Interesting article. i just hope my last cyber words do not include the words Jersey Shore

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I’m very glad to read there are some very smart people who are preserving our…

I'm very glad to read there are some very smart people who are preserving our good earth bounty. Thank you!

We need to get away from the mutated crap that Monsanto owns and back to the basics.

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The Ultimate In Heirloom Wheat Arrives At Seed Vault : NPR
A few days ago, hundreds of thousands seeds from around the world arrived at an underground storage vault on a remote Arctic island. That vault holds a growing collection of seeds, from all the dif…
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Day 3 learning jQuery & I’m LOVING it

Wow, you can really control the HTML page with this. Looks like this will be great for working with child themes in WordPress. NICE.

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Tuts+ Premium Course: 30 Days to Learn jQuery
You know you need to learn jQuery. Everyone else has, and you're falling behind! No worries; it's a brand new year, and what better way to celebrate it than by learning a new skill? Give me th…
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Commercial for the moment: Because clients and colleagues may find this useful

If you are a customer of, they're offering a 20% off discount for credits purchased today! Just use the coupon code LEAP20 when purchasing credits. (This does not mean you have to buy images today.)

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iStock Photo: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage | iStock
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Does anyone use Gmail and have your messages from your “Sent Mail” marked…

Does anyone use Gmail and have your messages from your "Sent Mail" marked as "To: me"?

This is not helpful to have all my sent messages marked as "To: me". When I'm looking to find a message I sent to "Mike" or "Joe", everything is marked as "To: me" & makes a quick glance down the sent mail difficult, making a search for that person's name required.

Does anyone know if there's a setting that would allow me to see the name of the person who was sent to last on a message instead of just "To: me"?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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