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It took me a little while to put this on my "to do" list to fully read…

It took me a little while to put this on my "to do" list to fully read through and share, but I knew when +Yifat Cohen first shared this with me, I wanted to share it with my clients. It's a great way to engage reader on your site.

Initially, I scanned down through the subheadings – which is funny – this post covers that & allows readers to decide whether or not they want to read through the whole post. I did with this, but wanted to read through thoroughly before sharing.

Thanks again for sharing these great writing tips, Yifat!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Formatting Your WordPress Posts and Pages | Copyblogger
After reading this post, you’ll understand how to create WordPress pages and posts that are interesting to look at, easy to read, and engaging to even the most jaded web surfer …

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WordPress tip of the month

CSS, is there anything you can't do?

If you have a blog on your website and get a fair amount of comment traffic, this is a great tip passed on from +Sallie Alys Montuori, where you can very easily visually distinguish the post Author's comments from other comments in the comment string by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This can help visitors to immediately know the comment author is responding. It is especially helpful when questions are posed in the post's comment thread and people can quickly see if the post author responded.

The CSS class you call:

If you have a blog and would like your own comments to stand out but need help implementing it, let me know & I can help!

Thanks again for sharing, Sallie!

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Did you know about this feature already, +Jean Egan?

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Highlight author comments in WordPress
Most WordPress themes iterate between two different comment background colors but do not highlight author or user comments in other ways. It may make sense to highlight author comments in the comment section of the blog to make it easier to distinguish between reader and author comments. This not only highlights “official” answers in the comment section, as it is also a way to prevent impersonation attempts on the blog. You may have noticed that …

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Want to be able to use any of the Google webfonts on your WordPress website?

Load the Fontific plugin above, then update the font list file using the link below. (font_list.php) I'm keeping this list as current as I can, though I know a few are missing right now. If you see one you'd like to use but I'm missing let me know and I'll update the code.

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[PHP] Google font list for WordPress Fontific Plugin font_list.php –
$google_fonts = array('Abel', 'Abril Fatface', 'Aclonica', 'Acme', 'Actor', 'Adamina', 'Advent Pro', 'Aguafina Script', 'Aladin', 'Aldrich', 'Alegreya', 'Alegreya SC', 'Alex Brush', 'Alfa Slab One', '…

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