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Great tips for creating a favicon

There's not too much space to do anything fancy within a 16×16 grid. These are tips to make sure people are seeing what you want them to see.

There are also other sizes that you may want to create for. 

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Create the perfect favicon | Feature | .net magazine
Today Jon Hicks’ much anticipated Icon Handbook, published by Five Simple Steps, is going on sale. We present an exclusive excerpt on creating favicons

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Interesting, and I almost enabled it

Good thing I researched it first. Thank you for this information.

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EXIM – Sender Verification Callouts – Don’t enable it, whatever you do! (UPDATE)
While haphazardly reconfiguring my MTA (Exim) for no good reason, I noticed ‘Sender Verification Callouts’. I figured, that makes sense. Of course, there are concerns such as those who use a f…

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