Want to be able to use any of the Google webfonts on your WordPress website?

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fontific/ Load the Fontific plugin above, then update the font list file using the link below. (font_list.php) I'm keeping this list as current as I can, though I know a few are missing right now. If you see one you'd like to use but I'm missing let me know and I'll update the code. Embedded Link [PHP] … Read more

I use this all the time

Great resource. Embedded Link Kraken Image Optimizer Kraken.io – rubust and ultra-fast online image optimizer Google+: View post on Google+

Google Docs

Looks like some of these requests have been filled (at least access to google fonts within google docs) but I'm slightly annoyed with then not having tab leaders (i.e. if I want to have dots to help the eye cross the page to the page number in a TOC) One thing not on this list … Read more

Great advice

Thanks George! Embedded Link How to Be Happy ‹ ‹ George Herrick – living the soul of recovery “Happiness runs in a circular motion…” – Donovan. Happiness is not a permanent state. Everybody knows it comes and goes, ebbs and flows. But although we may not be able to maintain happiness constantl… Google+: View post … Read more