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My husband and I were just having a discussion of how amazing two man bands are. (or…

My husband and I were just having a discussion of how amazing two man bands are. (or man and woman) To listen to them, you may not guess it's just 2 people.

White Stripes, Local H, Red Blood Shoes ~

Which reminded me of the following Cigo Man Band (One Man Band) from Croatia. If you haven't seen him, check it out. Both my husband and I agreed we'd gladly dump the contents of our respective wallets into his donation bag.

This video makes me happy :)

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Tech time!

I found this site to be very helpful in checking DNS records today. I simply put in the domain name, clicked "any" and could see any DNS records associated with the domain. Woo!

One client has their mail on my server but not their site, and another client has their site on the server and not their mail. I think I'm spent for a little while.

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Here are some great ideas to blog about if you’re getting blogger’s-bloc…

Here are some great ideas to blog about if you're getting blogger's-block.

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Not bad

100 blogging ideas

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100+ SMB Blogging Ideas
With so many social media studies showing that companies are looking to up their involvement in social activities this year, I thought I’d help cure that age-old “what should I blog about today?” ques…
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10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

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(8/10) ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Just finished watching this documentary where a man requests and is granted an interview with the Dalai Lama. He is allowed to ask 10 questions. This movie is those 10 questions!

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking to grow spiritually.

I've always heard "Free Tibet" but it really didn't mean anything to me. This movie has changed that and has allowed me to understand and appreciate the amazing story of the Tibetan people. They presented the history very well.

Although I'm sad and curious of the future for Tibet. I'm more aware and inspired by the Dalai Lama's steadfast tenet of approaching any situation with peace. Best wishes for healing to both Tibet and China. Wow!

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While I’m waiting for my hosting archive to upload to the new host (it’s…

While I'm waiting for my hosting archive to upload to the new host (it's going to take all day… It's at 29% and has been running for over 2.5 hours.) I figured I'd write about how much I'm appreciating the extra controls. I'm back home using WHM. (My other VPS is ServerCP, and I'm just not as comfortable using that interface.)

Now, though – I installed CSF & LFD (Firewall and notification system) which seem to be very proactive with notifications and keeping me aware of processes that may be going on with my account. Thanks very much to +Panah Rad for mentioning this wonderful security add on. I love that it sends notifications of excessive usage (even if it is of my own excessive usage – uploading this archive set it off.)

I also added ClamX virus scanner, but I'm not sure if I like it as much as I thought I would. I thought I'd be able to scan for viruses at the top level (WHM) but I can only see cPanel access to scanning. Hmm.. I can't expect my clients to understand and be proactive about scanning for viruses, and I definitely don't want to have to sign into each cPanel account. I don't see where I can choose to have the definitions automatically update every day or whatever period of time. Hmm.. More to learn.

CSF/LFD has an add on – ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs) – $50 (one-time fee) which I think I may get. Still need to read more about it, but it sounds like it would be active in scanning for virus upon file upload. Great! For the bored or curious, here's a link. (below)

Holy cow, I've typed a lot. Anyway, I cannot effectively do anything else on my machine until this archive uploads. Perhaps it's time for me to go do some more weeding outdoors :) Happy Saturday!

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This is long but worth a read.

This is long but worth a read.

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“Money only exists if two or more people believe it exists.” – Daniel Suelo

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The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo | Becoming Minimalist
Daniel lives entirely without money and has done so for the past 12 years. In 2000, he put his entire life savings in a phone booth, walked away, and has lived moneyless ever since. Most frequently, h…
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This is a long video but I absolutely live my life in the way that Isaac spoke of…

This is a long video but I absolutely live my life in the way that Isaac spoke of – I’m a continual student – continually learning – voraciously learning what’s interesting to me and learning what’s related to what’s interesting to me… infinitely!

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Isaac Asimov’s 1988 interview discussing education and the Internet; before there even was an Internet.

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