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Web Jobs – Full time and Freelance

Just happened upon this site today. Looks like it could be a good resource.

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Authentic Jobs ~ Full-time and freelance job opportunities for web, design, and creative professionals
Authentic Jobs · Show all jobs · Post a job. Where companies and creative professionals meet to make a better web.™. All Jobs · Post a Job · Pricing · About Us · Our Guarantee · Contact Us · Sign in ·…

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Very nicely designed (1 page) site

Had to share. Scroll down (and up) this long page for a nice presentation. I'm not usually one for 1 page sites, but when you need to tell a story, this is the way to go.


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CEE: The State of Financial and Economic Education in United States
Teachers: Take Action! Access lesson plans · Find resources in your state · Use our free online game, Gen i Revolution, to engage your students in solving financial challenges · Participate in the Nat…

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