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Finally had a chance to really read through this article and the attached MIT document…

Finally had a chance to really read through this article and the attached MIT document and thought I'd share.

Getting 90% of the market share but not making any money is not a win.

"Free brought us recreational users who tried us for superficial reasons, while those who found real value were the enterprise customers.”

If you've already developed a large 'customer' base from a Freemium model – answer to the enterprise customers needs to really grow your product(s) in the right direction – and your business. If people are willing to pay, chances are you're filling a need & you will attract more paying customers.

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Has the Freemium business model run its course?

"Product innovation does not mean business model innovation. If your product adds compelling value to customers, charging for it is simply getting your fair share of the value created. You do not have to be ashamed of making a profit."

Very interesting thoughts.


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WordPress Tip of the Month

It’s summertime! Does your WordPress database look good in a bikini? Here’s a quick way to trim the fat & make it super sleek!

(If only it were that easy for us humans!)

If you received an email or notification of this post it means I have you in my “Monthly WordPress Tip” circle. If you would prefer to not receive notifications or emails, feel free to let me know & I’ll remove you, post-haste! It is my intention to share helpful information and not annoy anyone.
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Website usability goes beyond broken links and bug fixes

Read my friend and colleague's post to be sure your site's message is heard loud and clear.

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A new post (finally!) on the 563 Media blog.

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How to Usability Test Your Website | 563 Media
If you have a business website, it needs to be tested for usability, preferably by someone who isn't 100% familiar with your business. This post explains how to test your site for clarity and understa…
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Advanced WordPress Tip

How to create a nice looking table within WordPress… using a shortcode and CSV (comma separated values).

A client of mine needed nice looking tables on their site – and they will need to be able to update it without going cross-eyed by sorting through the code. Here's what I came up with.

Can it get any easier to add a table to your site? (Actually… Yes. But hey, this is pretty easy once you get the supporting php in place.) If you want this on your site and need any help, feel free to ask.

Good luck!

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WordPress Tip

Do you consider yourself a basic WP user and are you currently using the TwentyEleven theme? Do you wish you had a sidebar on every page and post?

Good news – you’re getting a lot more design control. First, there is a visual editor built into the new WP version (3.4.1) and second, if you’re like me and you like sidebars to be omnipresent – simply load this plugin and set the options to show the sidebars on all pages and posts.
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Forum permissions on bbpress

This is an advanced and pretty specific need, but good to have in your toolkit.

On bbpress 2, if you set a forum from “Public” to “Hidden” or “Private”, then back again to “Public” there is a bug that will hide the all the public forum posts from general users! Here’s a great solution (posted by mjpg): Install the WordPress plugin “User Role Editor” and set the extra capabilities of the user role right there. SOLVED!
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