Oh good! I'm doing something right. Referrals are the only form of business I do these days. I love referrals because people are more accountable. Plus – when I have good clients, I love to keep them. It takes less energy to keeping an ongoing relationship with a cilent than … Read more

I’d recommend this to any of my clients or colleagues

AuthorRank is something +Kristen Havens has recommended in the past & I keep hearing "Social is the new SEO." Awesome. #EvanG+ Embedded Link How Google+ Can Add Credibility to Your Company Blog Content | Business 2 Community With Google+, marketers can merge personal branding with SEO to give their blog posts … Read more

When looking through your site analytics, which matter most for you?

When looking through your site analytics, which matter most for you? Reshared post from +Kristen Havens Stay sane! Stop measuring so many things! (Or, Why Overdosing on Analytics Is Not Always a Good Idea) (Props to +Jean Egan for being the design and code arm of the project cited in … Read more

Wow – look at the effort this pizza company has gone to

They ensure their email campaign message is seen, whether or not your email program automatically loads images or not. #marketing   #emarketing   #brilliant   #timeconsuming   Embedded Link PizzaExpress Inspires With Images-Off Email Optimization – Litmus PizzaExpress Inspires With Images-Off Email Optimization. In all of my Inspiration posts thus … Read more

A nice article from Mark Jaquith. Love it

This is an area I want to get into because I often use quite a few plugins for any given site. I'd really like to have a more streamline use of any functionality I introduce onto my client's sites. I've begun by limiting my plugins to what is absolutely necessary … Read more

WordPress tip of the month

CSS, is there anything you can't do? If you have a blog on your website and get a fair amount of comment traffic, this is a great tip passed on from +Sallie Alys Montuori, where you can very easily visually distinguish the post Author's comments from other comments in the … Read more